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About PCS

Founded by Eucabeth Ongau in 2016. Working with individuals with mental disabilities directly and indirectly for 15 years. PCS is a company of interdisciplinary professionals who have joined forces to better serve mentally challenged individuals with disabilities.


Perfect Care Solutions is an approved Medicaid Waiver Services Provider dedicating its services to ensure that individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities receive quality personal and medical care that will assist the individual in reaching and maintaining a maximum optimum level of independence.

We provide services in various settings and pride ourselves in offering the very best assessments and treatment modalities.


The professionals of Perfect Care Solutions (PCS) are specialized in developmental disabilities. We also employ the support of physicians, licensed nurses, psychologists, and therapists. Our direct support staff has from 10 - 30 years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities and geriatrics. Perfect Care Professionals receive ongoing specialty training in the best practices developed by nationally recognized experts. The core component of our training is physical management. 

Perfect Care Solutions

PCS was developed to meet the needs of individuals with mental developmental disabilities and is dedicated to providing the very best assessments and treatment modalities.

Meet Our Staff

Meet Out Staff


Bryan Chief

COO/ EMC (Event Management Coordinator)


Keilah Williams

Residential Coordinator


Tammy Simmons

Program Manager/ PI (Provider Investigator)

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